Hong Kong Under Fire From Data Center Experts

by Administrator 13. December 2011 18:09

Technology experts have trained their guns on Hong Kong for its data center strategy stating that it is lacking in long term vision. The local tech pros have criticized the country’s reservation of 2 hectares of land in Tseung Kwan O for use by data centers.

According to Samson Tam, legislative councilor this is a good beginning but 2 hectares is too small a plot. Tam is convinced that 20 hectares should have been the size of land and in fact this is what he had recommended to the Chief Executive. 20 hectares according to Tam would be the land needed to help the country meet demands of data center services for the next few years.

Apart from this region, there is also Northern Lantau which could be developed as a data center hub. Rezoning of land in Tseung Kwan O should be done with priority to ensure enough space availability for data centers. Lack of space could push companies to opt for data center facilities in Singapore instead.

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