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GlobalSign Integrates OneClickSSL Into WHMCS Billing PlatfromGlobalSign (, SSL certificates provider, announced on Monday its new OneClickSSL reselling automation technology has been integrated into the latest version of WHMCS’s ( billing platform.

With OneClickSSL, WHMCS offers the complete GlobalSign SSL portfolio. GlobalSign and WHMCS have worked closely together in developing the module to incorporate GlobalSign’s full range of SSL Certificates, including basic level Domain Validated SSL, to the most advanced Extended Validation (EV) SSLCertificates, opening up many new opportunities for GlobalSign SSL Resellers.

WHMCS partnership has allowed  GlobalSign’s SSL reselling module to be embedded into its platform, providing hundreds of hosting providers around the world the ability to control the billing cycle of all hosting products they chose to resell, including GlobalSign SSL certificates.

With OneClickSSL, hosting customers purchase Secure Site Vouchers from their hosting provider, after which they can redeem the voucher via any one of the OneClickSSL plug-ins including CPanel, Parallels, Plesk, IIS and Apache, by entering the voucher code and clicking “Activate SSL”.

“Making OneClickSSL vouchers available through WHMCS further helps hosts offer SSL security to customers of all technical abilities,” said Steve Roylance, business development director at GlobalSign. “The vouchers and plug-ins do all of the technical work, including key generation, creation of Certificate Signing Request, validation of control of domain and installation of SSL Certificate, all within 45 seconds.”

“We are always eager to keep up to date with the latest hosting and security technologies and we are proud to be the first billing platform to be able to offer GlobalSign’s new OneClickSSL service”, said Matthew Pugh, Lead Developer, WHMCS. “Putting WHMCS users ahead of the competition is a key strategy for us and we look forward to integrating future GlobalSign SSL developments in the near future”.

GlobalSign’s OneClickSSL module will be included in the next release of WHMCS V4.6 as standard. If users are running on version 4.5 or earlier, the module will need to be installed and can be found at

For more information about OneClickSSL please visit

Hosting companies interested in offering OneClickSSL via the WHMCS platform to their customer base can become a GlobalSign partner by contacting GlobalSign at


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