Google Apps closes in on big win with General Motors deal!!!

by Administrator 5. November 2011 18:44

Google continues to secure its spot as one of the top (if not the top) provider for email and online collaboration software to the enterprise world.

The latest customer set to sign up for Google Apps appears to be General MotorsThe Wall Street Journal reports that Google is close to inking a deal to provide its cloud-based suite of productivity apps to more than 100,000 GM employees.

However, the WSJ also reported that Google must meet certain requirements before GM will ultimately deploy its software.

Those requirements haven’t been specified publicly yet, nor has Google or GM announced anything officially just yet.

Nevertheless, if this goes in Google’s favor, it will be a huge win for Google. Up until now, General Motors has reportedly been using IBM’s Lotus Notes.

More importantly, it points towards a major shift among business customers (and even consumers) away from the old guard of desktop-based software like Microsoft Office to a preference for moving everything to the cloud.

And why not? Options like Google Apps are cheaper (companies with more than 10 employees pay $50 per year for each user), more accessible — the latter of which matters most when it comes to collaborating on work-related projects. Google Apps is also typically far easier to understand and utilize for the average computer user, and it is more flexible when scaling for companies of all sizes.


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