Enable Concurrent Desktop Sessions in Windows

by Administrator 6. January 2012 12:56
Professional and Ultimate editions of Windows come with a built in Remote Desktop (RDP) feature that allows you to access your machine remotely while away from home or the office. Unfortunately, it is limited by default to one concurrent user per session, meaning that if someone remotely connects to the computer, whoever was logged in at the moment will be automatically logged off, even if the user is physically at the computer. This is not a technical limitation but rather a licensing one. Case in point, Remote Desktop in server editions of Windows by default supports two concurrent connections to remotely troubleshoot or administer a computer. More users can connect simultaneousl... [More]


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Google, Microsoft, Intel, Verizon among new cloud-security registry members

by Administrator 19. November 2011 13:39
Google, Verizon, Intel, McAfee, Microsoft and Savvis are joining a voluntary program set up by the Cloud Security Alliance that provides public information about whether contributors comply with CSA-recommended cloud-security practices. By reading reports submitted to CSA's Security Trust and Assurance Registry (STAR), potential customers of participating providers can more readily assess whether products and services meet their security needs. LEARN: 8 ways to become a cloud security expert To encourage other participants, CSA is encouraging businesses to require that any cloud vendors they deal with to submit reports to CSA STAR. For example, eBay is requiring the submissions fr... [More]


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Massive BlackBerry outage in Europe, Middle East and Africa

by Administrator 13. October 2011 14:02
BlackBerry maker Research in Motion and phone networks in several countries were forced to apologize to tens of millions of users yesterday, after a server failure caused devices' Internet, email and Blackberry Messenger services to stop working. The server failed Monday at around 11:00am UK time at Blackberry's data center in Slough, England. The outage caused disruption for handset users in Europe, the Middle East and Africa. RIM is yet to release a full statement regarding the problem, but a number of phone carriers used Twitter to keep customers informed, including T-Mobile who stated: "There is an issue with BlackBerry services at present. RIM are investigating this at presen... [More]


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DNS hack attack mutilates multiple Web sites

by Administrator 6. September 2011 18:16
Many popular Web sites, such as the Coca-Cola, UPS, and the Register, had their Web addresses hijacked over the weekend by a Turkish hacker. When I first heard that The Register, a popular United Kingdom, technology news site had been hacked, I was doubtful that the site itself had actually been cracked. The first headline I saw read, The Register Hacked. That isn’t what I saw. To me, it looked like a typical Domain Name System (DNS) hijack attack. I was right. What I didn’t know at the time, though, that more than a hundred Web sites, several of them major ones, were having their addresses redirected to the wrong location. So, when you went to The Register, or sites ... [More]


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Google shuts down 10 more services in fall spring-clean

by Administrator 6. September 2011 18:08
Google's Chief Executive Larry Page is continuing his efforts to streamline the company's operations by axing another 10 of their less successful ventures. Since his appointment in January, Page has been determined to move Google away from niche businesses and focus on the bigger products they offer instead. In an official blog post, aptly titled "A fall spring-clean", Alan Eustace, senior vice president of search said: "This will make things much simpler for our users, improving the overall Google experience. It will also mean we can devote more resources to high impact products—the ones that improve the lives of billions of people." He went on to note that all existin... [More]


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Hurricane Electric takes its IPv6 expertise to the datacenter

by Administrator 1. September 2011 11:38
Hurricane Electric, arguably the world’s largest IPv6-native Internet backbone and co-location provider, has expanded its IPv6 Professional Services offerings so that they can now help you with IPv6 datacenter deployments. If you’re a home user or just have a small office/home office (SOHO), you don’t need to worry about the fact that we’re running out of IPv4 addresses anytime soon. It’s a different story though if you’re managing a datacenter. In a datacenter, you can need hundreds or thousands of new Internet addresses on any given day. Since the American Registry of Internet Numbers (ARIN) expects to allocate its last IPv4 addresses before year&... [More]


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Forged security certificate targets Google users

by Administrator 31. August 2011 15:49
It has been confirmed that DigiNotar, a SSL certificate authority from the Netherlands issued an Internet security certificate to unknown attackers on July 10th. For over 2 months this certificate would have allowed them to setup fake copies of Google websites that appeared genuine to the majority of users, and collect login information for all of the company's services, including Gmail. It's still unknown how attackers managed to get the fake google.com security certificate issued. First reports of the scam came from an Iranian web user, who posted the information in a Google help forum, sparking speculation that the Iranian government had been involved in the attack and subseque... [More]


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Dell enters public cloud space with VMware

by Administrator 30. August 2011 18:59
Summary: Dell unveils its first public and hybrid cloud solutions with the help of the VMware vCloud Datacenter Service. Following through on a $1 billion investment in cloud computing services this year, Dell hasannounced its first public cloud-based data storage offering at VMworld 2011 in Las Vegas on Monday. The aptly and simply-named Dell Cloud is based upon the VMware vCloud Datacenter Servicesarchitecture, which is designed for secure enterprise-grade public, private and hybrid clouds. Basically, Dell and VMware will provide Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) solutions for customer organizations, hosting and outsourcing firms, system integrators... [More]


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Microsoft adCenter down for hours, customers tweet

by Administrator 30. August 2011 18:57
Summary: Microsoft’s adCenter online advertising platform has been experiencing service problems during the afternoon of August 29, customers are noting via Twitter. Microsoft is working to address the issue. A number of Microsoft adCenter customers are reporting problems logging into the system that have been going on for several hours. Around 6 p.m. ET on August 29, the Microsoft adCenter Twitter account acknowledged there was an issue and that it was being addressed. I’ve asked Microsoft for more information on what’s going on and will update this post with any additional details I get. Several customers took to Twitter to air their frustrations and share up... [More]


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Windows finally gets native ISO support in Windows 8

by Administrator 30. August 2011 18:54
Summary: Microsoft just let the world know that Windows 8 will come with native support for ISO and VHD files in Explorer! But there’s a catch… In a new post by Steven Sinofsky on the Building Windows 8 blog, we learn that Windows 8 will not only have native VHD, but also native ISO support in Explorer (finally!). Windows users can now rejoice at no longer having to use a third-party application to view ISOs. A video created by Rajeev Nagar, a group program manager on the Storage and File Systems team at Microsoft, explains the process and gives us another great glimpse of the new Ribbon UI in Windows 8, as well as the updated Taskbar — all this, after e... [More]


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