GoDaddy loses over 37,000 domains due to SOPA stance

by Administrator 27. December 2011 15:50
It's been a hell of a Christmas weekend for GoDaddy. The hosting and domain registrar company lost more than 37,000 domains in the past couple of days due to its shaky stance on the controversial Stop Online Piracy Act. According to information reported by The Domains, over 15,000 domains were transferred off Thursday and another 21,054 on Friday, despite GoDaddy's attempt to control damage by withdrawing its support to SOPA. The backlash against GoDaddy kicked off after the company appeared on an official list of companies supporting SOPA, a proposed bill that would allow the U.S. Department of Justice and copyright holders to block access to sites accused of infringing copyright... [More]


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Dump the SLA. Service expectations matter more.

by Administrator 30. August 2011 12:36
Like an annoying pop song, Service Level Agreements (SLAs) have been on my mind for a while. In most cases, they are not worth the digital bits sent to serve them up on the web. Yet they are important if we are comparing cloud service providers, because without taking into account an SLA, your business may spend far more time and effort trying to engineer around failures to prop up an inexpensive cloud. Recently, I received an e-mail comparing a customer’s internal storage costs to Amazon’s. Of course, Amazon seems to be cheaper based on a pure gigabyte comparison. But it was a flawed analysis because it didn’t include the service level promised, never mind guaranteed... [More]

What You Need to care, while Registering a Domain Name From a Hosting Company

by Administrator 15. March 2011 16:49
Now days few hosting companies in India, are registering the domains on their own name, they does not register on the client name also some hosting companies are not providing the domain registry key to client. They do it for the following reasons:   There is not much awareness about the Domain and Hosting to the users/clients/website holders. They want keep the customers for ever. Even if you are not satisfied with the hosting company, in absence of domain registry key, you will not be able to move your domain to other hosting company. You can’t clam for the domain’s ownership any where, because its not been registered on you name or its does not carry your ... [More]

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