Microsoft teases quad-core Windows tablet at Tech Ed

by Administrator 27. August 2011 18:52
Microsoft has yet to come out with a decent alternative to Apple's iPad and the host of tablets running Google's Android, but that's not stopping the company from grabbing a bit of attention for itself recently after showing off a quad-core slate that "might" be running Windows 8. Microsoft didn't say much about the device itself, but according to reports the company is planning to unveil and showcase this tablet at the Build developers conference next month. One report from IT consultant Alan Burchill, an attendee at the Tech Ed conference in New Zealand where the tablet was briefly flashed, said Microsoft would be giving these out to attendees at an "upcoming Microsoft event," bu... [More]


How to maximize Hyper-V virtualization for better cloud integration

by Administrator 15. August 2011 13:37
Developers with limited financial resources have been taking advantage of public cloud services to bootstrap projects for a while now. But IT administrators must approach the prospect of deploying public cloud services from a different perspective. For instance, how do they extend our application servers to a cloud? How do they provide a unified single sign-on to their domain from a disconnected location? How do they ensure their service level agreements are met?   IT administrators need to look at these factors and decide how to take advantage of this new resource while providing security, predictable availability and integration points into the existing infrastructure. If you have ... [More]


Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)

by Administrator 15. August 2011 13:37
  What is Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)? Infrastructure as a Service is a provision model in which an organization outsources the equipment used to support operations, including storage, hardware, servers and networking components. The service provider owns the equipment and is responsible for housing, running and maintaining it. The client typically pays on a per-use basis. Characteristics and components of IaaS include: Utility computing service and billing model. Automation of administrative tasks. Dynamic scaling. Desktop virtualization. Policy-based services. Internet connectivity. IaaS is one of three main categories of cloud computingservice. The ... [More]

Aug 11 2011 Fend Off Hackers with PCI Compliant Hosting & Virtual Private Firewall Security

by Administrator 15. August 2011 13:34
Hackers strike again – and hard. In March 2011, 24,000 Pentagon files were stolen during just one intrusion into a corporate contractor’s computer system by a foreign intelligence service. As a result, the U.S. Department of Defense is now tightening security gaps in military allies’ systems to avoid future breaches by a hacker looking to find a way in through the backdoor. The invasion has prompted increased investment in building better firewalls, but the question must be asked, who is regulating the electronic privacy practices of vendors, or business associates, of the government? A recent string of attacks on the very computer security companies that are con... [More]

Are You Practicing Secure Collaboration, or Is It Chaotic?

by Administrator 15. August 2011 13:30
  Digital files are critical business assets. Organizations create more and more of them every day, in a widening variety of more sophisticated formats. As spreadsheets, presentations, images and audio and video files increase in capability and complexity, they convey more information and tell more-complete stories. For example, a presentation can now contain graphics, charts, video and audio—organizations use presentations to communicate their business plans, quarterly reviews and internal processes. Files that can’t be used for collaboration are like financial assets that can’t be spent. Not surprisingly, organizations now collaborate using digital files as part ... [More]

You Can’t Afford to Ignore Data Center Maintenance

by Administrator 15. August 2011 13:18
  Everything in life requires maintenance: your wheels, your relationships, and your health, to name a few important things. Your data center is no exception. If you expect your IT facility to deliver top-notch performance that is highly reliable and available, you must put in the commensurate effort to ensure that your systems are running in a manner that supports this level of performance. Why Maintain?The answer to this question is obvious, and even many data center managers who don’t put much effort into maintenance would probably still recognize its importance. Most data center managers and operators in this position would likely fault a lack of sufficient time or resourc... [More]

VMware's RabbitMQ aids communication amongst cloud developers

by Administrator 11. August 2011 14:08
Summary: VMware is aiming to make the cloud even more accessible and collaborative with a new direct messaging service. VMware is stepping up its resources for cloud application developers with an new messaging service named RabbitMQ. The program, made in partnership with Cloud Foundry (self-dubbed as the “industry’s first open-platform-as-a-service”), for the purpose of connecting developers creating and collaborating on producing apps. The idea is that this could enable developers to build, test, deploy and scale cloud applications in a faster amount of time more efficiently. In a blog post, VMware and Cloud Foundry apps propose two reasons for why messaging is in ... [More]


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New 'SATA Express' spec supports speeds up to 16Gb/s

by Administrator 11. August 2011 14:02
The Serial ATA International Organization (SATA-IO) has announced the development (PDF) of a new standard that combines SATA software infrastructure with the PCI Express interface. Colloquially dubbed "SATA Express," the new technology will allow manufacturers to create devices that can tap into the bandwidth of PCIe slots while remaining compatible with existing SATA applications. The amalgamation will offer an affordable way to provide devices with interface speeds of 8Gb/s and 16Gb/s (one lane via PCIe 2.0 or two via PCIe 3.0) -- a healthy increase over SATA 3.0's single-channel throughput of 6Gb/s. Although that's plenty of bandwidth for most drives, SATA-IO is c... [More]



Windows XP is a popular home for rootkits

by Administrator 10. August 2011 12:52
Free antivirus software provider Avast has released information from a six-month study which reveals that Microsoft’s Windows XP operating system is home to 74% of their customers’ rootkit infections. Data gathered from over 600,000 Avast customers pointed to Windows XP as the most vulnerable desktop OS for rootkits. XP, which was released in 2001, is the most widely used operating system to access the Internet according to w3schools. The dated OS was installed on 49 percent of tallied Avast customers. 38 percent of users in the study were running Windows 7 while 13 percent had Vista installed. In contrast, only 12 percent of rootkits were detected on Windows 7 machin... [More]

Apple: Holy Grail for hackers?

by Administrator 7. July 2011 16:22
Hackers have posted a document that allegedly has user names and passwords for an Apple server. The find, posted via the AntiSec hacking campaign, appears to be a warning that Apple “could be a target too.” The bigger picture here is that Apple will become an increasing target for these hacker groups if the company provides the right trigger. Apple could represent the Holy Grail for malicious hackers given its stash of iTunes customer data. If Sony, AT&T and the CIA can bring hackers headlines just imagine what Apple could do. According to the Wall Street Journal, AntiSec includes hackers from Anonymous and the now-decommissioned LulzSec. ZDNet’s Jason O’... [More]


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