Unsecure directory on PHP.net contains Blu-ray movies, usernames and passwords, and more...

by Administrator 30. August 2011 18:45
Summary: PHP, utilized by millions of Web sites around the Web, has a not-so-hidden secret on their Web site: a directory full of pirated content, config files containing user name and password information, and more. Update: The directory has now been taken care of; however, for the time being, Google’s cache of the directory remains intact. It’s interesting what a night of advanced Google querying can yield. On the heels of running across USA Today’s prototype Windows 8 application in a designer’s profile (thanks to advanced querying), I’ve now stumbled upon a directory on PHP’s official Web site that ... [More]


Cyber security | System security

Excerpt: VoIP Experts Help Diagnose, Fix Issues Before They Hurt Service

by Administrator 30. August 2011 13:08
With Skype recently announcing its intentions to raise more than $100 million through an IPO, the company and the VoIP industry are looking at a time of growth and transition. Knowledge Network contributor InformIT recently uploaded an to help IT professionals meet the challenges of running VoIP networks head-on. This book focuses on monitoring, managing, troubleshooting and optimizing large networks. The authors discuss: VoIP deployment in enterprise and service-provider networks Performance tradeoffs and challenges associated with leading VoIP deployment models A comprehensive approach to diagnosing VoIP network problems using key performance indicators Proactively addressing is... [More]

Powerful Tool Helps Calculate Power Needs for Your Data Center

by Administrator 30. August 2011 12:56
A recent report suggests that electricity use by data centers in the United States grew 36 percent between 2005 and 2010, dramatically less than the 100 percent growth predicted just a few years ago.   Julius Neudorfer over at CTO Edge questions the finer points of the report, noting that actually building out new, more efficient data centers requires energy, too. But clearly, the energy required to operate a data center continues to be the main expense of such initiatives over the long haul, and accurately estimating these expenses is essential in budgeting this major project.   Our partners at Info~Tech Research Group have developed a Data Center Power and Cooling R... [More]

Server Log Management Is at Heart of Network Security

by Administrator 30. August 2011 12:50
There are a ton of enterprise security products, from intrusion detection to data loss prevention to zero-day attack monitoring, that are based on monitoring logs for weird behavior. In fact, any serious discussion of enterprise security always boils down to carefully monitoring your server logs. You can employ high-end applications to do this for you, but ultimately your IT team needs to know how to protect and utilize the logs that spell out virtually every aspect of your network’s health.   The National Institutes of Standards and Technology has prepared a Guide to Computer Security Log Management that covers the full gamut of issues relating to monitoring and &mdas... [More]

Protect Your Data from USB Threats

by Administrator 30. August 2011 12:48
IT departments have known about the risks posed by USB drives for years now.   But, as our Mike Vizard reports, a recent survey shows that IT still exerts very little control over removable storage, even though it poses a world of security risks. Thumb drives tend to go missing, and if they contain unencrypted data, you have a breach on your hands. And an unscanned thumb drive is a main suspect in the recent spread of malware to the Iranian nuclear facility.   Our partners at Info~Tech Research Group have developed a six-page Removable Media Acceptable Use Policy that applies to a wide range of USB-connected devices, from thumb drives to digital cameras to MP3 pl... [More]

Use Outlook 2010's Built-in Features to Secure Your Email

by Administrator 30. August 2011 12:40
Email remains, in many ways, the most useful innovation of the digital age. But it is still plagued by annoyances such as spam, and in many organizations email communications are not remotely secure as they can be.   Email security measures such as digital signatures and encryption have been available for years now, but still are not employed by many individuals, even when the information they are sending over the public Internet is sensitive. And to top it off, users and SMBs can implement this level of functionality quite easily; the functionality is essentially free and built into many of the leading email client programs.   This excerpt from "Microsoft Outlook 201... [More]

Dump the SLA. Service expectations matter more.

by Administrator 30. August 2011 12:36
Like an annoying pop song, Service Level Agreements (SLAs) have been on my mind for a while. In most cases, they are not worth the digital bits sent to serve them up on the web. Yet they are important if we are comparing cloud service providers, because without taking into account an SLA, your business may spend far more time and effort trying to engineer around failures to prop up an inexpensive cloud. Recently, I received an e-mail comparing a customer’s internal storage costs to Amazon’s. Of course, Amazon seems to be cheaper based on a pure gigabyte comparison. But it was a flawed analysis because it didn’t include the service level promised, never mind guaranteed... [More]

As Cloud Grows, So Does Importance of Security!!!

by Administrator 30. August 2011 12:30
Cloud computing continues to grow into every corner of the enterprise. Our Ann All reports on the growing trend to view the cloud not only as a platform for delivering computing power and encapsulated applications, but also as a way to deliver entire business processes as a service.   Regardless of how you employ the cloud — and you will, if you haven’t already — security will be a key focus, as it is with every other enterprise technology. Our partners at the National Institutes of Standards and Technology have prepared a detailed report and corresponding presentation that covers the broad scope of security issues relating to the cloud. Both of these resources ... [More]

Steve Jobs resigns as Apple's CEO

by Administrator 27. August 2011 18:56
Well, this has spiced up an otherwise slow news day: Steve Jobs has resigned as CEO of Apple. Effective immediately, former COO Tim Cook will oversee Cupertino's day-to-day operations as the new chief executive. Although Jobs will step down from the helm, he has asked to serve as the chairman of Apple's board. The iconic figure has struggled with various medical conditions through his tenure in Cupertino, battling pancreatic cancer in 2004 and undergoing a liver transplant in April 2009. Jobs has been on medical leave since January 2011, a year plus after returning from the transplant, so his resignation isn't entirely unforeseen. "I have always said if there ever came a day when... [More]


Rumor: BlackBerry smartphones to run Android apps

by Administrator 27. August 2011 18:54
Research in Motion (RIM) could be looking to integrate Android application support into future BlackBerry smartphones by next year. The move could help revive slowing BlackBerry sales and give customers a much larger app selection than RIM’s App World currently offers. Bloomberg spoke with three people familiar with the plans that claim RIM’s new QNX smartphone software will be Android-compatible. This is the same OS that the BlackBerry PlayBook uses and if you recall, RIM announced earlier this year that their tablet would get Android app support this summer. The simple fact that the PlayBook is based on the same QNX software that will find a home on BlackBerry smartpho... [More]


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