Cloud Computing Decreases Production Infrastructure Expenses by Over 30% for Web Based Leader in Education Management

by Karan 16. March 2011 12:22
As a CTO, I have often found myself in the position of deciding what would be the best solution for implementing an efficient and cost-effective production infrastructure. I found the answer in Infrastructure as a Service (IAAS) cloud computing. I would like to illustrate how we leveraged Pinnacle's cloud computing platform to efficiently cut costs, by discussing the implementation of Pinnacle’s Managed Cloud Services for ConnectEdu, the company for which I am CTO. ConnectEdu, a web-based leader in empowering students to manage their education, had experience with Pinnacle, a leading worldwide provider of enterprise-class, cloud-enabled hosting, managed applications and services,... [More]

Benefiting from Server Virtualization: Beyond Initial Workload Consolidation

by Karan 16. March 2011 12:16
Description: Server virtualization is having huge positive financial and operational impacts on organizations of all sizes. This white paper covers the benefits of virtualization, including reduced costs, simplified management, and improved application availability and disaster protection.  VMware White Paper Sample Server virtualization is an IT strategy that saves money and improves efficiency. By separating applications and operating systems from their underlying hardware, companies can reduce equipment and management expenses, implement high availability and disaster recovery procedures that were previously too expensive and complex, and make the business more responsive&mdas... [More]



Optimizing the Cost Benefits of Using a Converged Network

by Karan 16. March 2011 12:12
Companies have heard about the benefits of converging their networks for years. For those organizations that have not converged their networks, this might be the time to reconsider as the economy stabilizes. And for those that have converged parts of their infrastructure, there may be additional opportunities to simplify operations.


Even a Huge Earthquake Can't Kill Japan's Internet Service!!!

by Karan 16. March 2011 12:06
Calling the results of the earthquake and resulting tsunami that happened in Japan a catastrophe would be to understate the seriousness of the event. It was Japan's worst earthquake ever. It was one of the worst in recorded world history.  A vast portion of the northeastern part of Japan's main island was virtually swept clean by the water, leaving little but rubble, death and thousands of terrified people in its wake. But if there can be a bright spot in this unimaginable tragedy, it is that Japan's part of the Internet has remained intact.   Despite the loss of nearly half of its undersea cables, and despite the lack of power in the regions most seriously affected, the Int... [More]

Hyper- V (Virtualized Server Computing Environment) Solution at Host Net India

by Administrator 15. March 2011 17:03
Overview of Hyper-V Hyper-V enables you to create a virtualized server computing environment using a technology that is part of Windows Server® 2008. You can use a virtualized computing environment to improve the efficiency of your computing resources by utilizing more of your hardware resources. Note Hyper-V is a hypervisor-based virtualization technology that requires specific hardware. What does Hyper-V do? Hyper-V provides software infrastructure and basic management tools in Windows Server 2008 that you can use to create and manage a virtualized server computing environment. This virtualized environment can be used to address a variety of business goals... [More]

What You Need to care, while Registering a Domain Name From a Hosting Company

by Administrator 15. March 2011 16:49
Now days few hosting companies in India, are registering the domains on their own name, they does not register on the client name also some hosting companies are not providing the domain registry key to client. They do it for the following reasons:   There is not much awareness about the Domain and Hosting to the users/clients/website holders. They want keep the customers for ever. Even if you are not satisfied with the hosting company, in absence of domain registry key, you will not be able to move your domain to other hosting company. You can’t clam for the domain’s ownership any where, because its not been registered on you name or its does not carry your ... [More]

Free Email and Hosting Sites May Compromise Data Privacy

by Administrator 15. March 2011 16:40
Companies must consider the implications of using free communications services (such as email and data hosting) on their data privacy, according to a new guide from managed security firm, Network Box. Browser privacy and online security: a guide for IT managers (available free to download from Network Box’s website) warns companies to think carefully before using such services, and also to be aware of the privacy compromise that results from the use of some browser services. It gives companies the information they need to decide whether or not they should use free email hosting, browser and document storage services. The guide gives IT managers information on how users... [More]

Exclusive Indian Shared and Reseller Hosting

by Karan 15. March 2011 14:31
Host Net India is the only one company in India which is providing Exclusive Indian Hosting (Shared, Reseller and V.P.S) on 100% Indian Servers with 99.95% signed SLA in bare minimum cost, with 24/7 support.... Exclusive Indian Shared Hosting Starts from Rs 127*/- only Exclusive Indian Reseller Hosting Starts from Rs 499*/- only Indian VPS(Fully Managed) starts from Rs 2100*/- only   visit

The Pinnacle Group(Host Net India) announcement....

by Karan 15. March 2011 14:26
Hi All....   The Pinnacle Group Inc.. Proudly announces the New Offices in Chandigarh, Lucknow and Roorkee......many more to come...


by Karan 15. March 2011 14:14
Hostnetindia is growing!!  Yes, after branches in Lucknow, chandigarh and roorkee we are comming with four new Branches to be open shortly in Mumbai, Delhi, Hyderabad & Bangalore. We are planning to open an office in Bangalore, Hyderabad, Mumbai & Delhi.  For more Info kindly contact

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