Choosing an SEO Service

by Administrator 11. April 2011 14:49
If you want your website to be visible to your target audience, then you may want to consider using an SEO service. An SEO service will use proven strategies in order to improve your site rankings. This increases traffic and also improves the Internet presence of your site.     The first thing a good SEO service will do is review your site to see what changes need to take place in order to meet the goals you have in mind. The service will work with you and come up with the keywords and content needed for your site to achieve those goals. Website modification and sometimes a total redesign are two other things that an SEO service can do for you.   Quality SEO conte... [More]



More Phishing Emails Possible Due To Epsilon Getting Hacked

by Administrator 11. April 2011 14:47
If you receive a strange email from your bank, do not click on it. It might not be who you think it is. Hackers managed to get a hold of millions of email address because they hacked Epsilon. Epsilon touts itself as the largest permission based marketing company in the world. Some of the companies affected by this include:JP Morgan Chase, US Bank, TiVo, Walgreen’s, Citigroup, Best Buy, Walgreen’s, and Kroger. Epsilon had this to say about the matter:   On March 30th, an incident was detected where a subset of Epsilon clients’ customer data were exposed by an unauthorized entry into Epsilon’s email system. The information that was obtained was limited ... [More]



Windows Live Hotmail Helps Users Control Email Clutter

by Administrator 11. April 2011 13:48
With the overwhelming number of messages sent and received each day, people need more help than ever to keep their digital lives in order. [More]

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Five points to concider while planing the capacity and workload for your virtual infrastructure

by Administrator 4. April 2011 14:41
More than three quarters of U.S. companies virtualize at least some of their x86-based servers, but few get their full money's worth out of virtualization efforts--due to management blunders, analysts say. The biggest misconceptions focus around three issues: how closely to manage virtual machines, how to plan the capacity and workload of the virtual infrastructure and how to go beyond technical configuration to keep operational costs from running out of control, according to analysts. Here is some food for thought regarding the top 5 money-gobbling mistakes, spanning technical/operational, management and planning, and budget issues. 1. Underutilization of Physical Server... [More]

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Cloud Computing Solutions for Disaster Recovery

by Karan 2. April 2011 13:49
Host Net India has customers who use cloud-based disaster recovery strategies as a tertiary datacenter. Those customers generally have no need to consider the same level of questions as customers considering the cloud for their sole disaster recovery solution.                    But for customers who are considering the cloud for their sole DR strategy—they’ll have just as many contractual questions as infrastructure/technical questions. For example, what about commercial apps in cloud? Most apps don’t get restarted automatically, so they’ll need to consider what will ... [More]

Windows Intune Available to Businesses of All Sizes

by Administrator 1. April 2011 11:14
Windows Intune, System Center Configuration Manager 2012 and Microsoft Desktop Optimization Pack help IT organizations empower employee productivity. [More]

Firefox 4 Is Better Than Microsoft Internet Explorer 9: 10 Reasons Why???

by Karan 25. March 2011 18:23
Firefox 4 is catching on in a big way with Web users. And it's clear why. The updated browser has a number of features that make it better than Internet Explorer 9. Firefox 4 Is Better Than Microsoft Internet Explorer 9: 10 Reasons Why ( Page 1 of 2 ) It didn't take long for Mozilla's Firefox 4 to gain immense popularity. As of this writing, millions of people have downloaded the new browser and by the look of things, its appeal to Web users has yet to slow down. By all measures, Firefox 4 seems to be on top of its game, and it's ready to take on its many competitors in the browser market.But now that Firefox 4 is out to compete against Internet Explorer 9, some people are undoubtedly w... [More]

Microsoft's InTune: Too Expensive for Small Businesses?

by Karan 25. March 2011 17:49
Microsoft’s cloud-based Windows InTune gives IT administrators for midsize businesses an enterprise-style level of control over a network, via a combination of cloud services, on-site PC-management tools and added malware protection. Whether it involves checking that software licenses are up-to-date, or diagnosing unbootable PCs, the platform is supposed to be streamlined for those IT pros’ ease of use. But is it the right price? One analyst feels that InTune—one of Microsoft’s first forays into broad cloud services for businesses—might prove a little too dear for smaller companies’ bottom line. According to Microsoft’s official Windows InTune page... [More]

Desktop Virtualization

by Administrator 22. March 2011 12:56
Microsoft Desktop Virtualization solutions help companies to reduce their total cost of ownership, increase business agility and continuity, enable anywhere access, and improve security and compliance. For companies new to desktop virtualization, deploying Microsoft Application Virtualization as a first step can provide immediate cost savings. Desktop Virtualization offers a broad portfolio of solutions that empower companies to choose the technologies that best address their unique business and IT challenges while preserving their existing IT investments. Microsoft delivers desktop virtualization offerings for a wide range of situations—from always connected work... [More]

Host Net India Wishes you Happy Holi 2011

by Administrator 19. March 2011 07:22
Host Net India (A unit of The Pinnacle Group Inc. India)   Having trouble viewing this email? View it on your browser. Your receiving this newsletter because you subscribed to our mailing list. Not interested? Unsubscribe.  



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