Introduction into the Biometrics

by Administrator 24. May 2011 19:59
Biometric systems, what are they? Systems of access control can be divided into three groups according to what a person has to present to the system for identification: that what he/she knows; that what he/she possesses; that what is a part of his/her body. Systems of the first group use ciphers of some kind (for example, PIN codes or cryptographic sequences) that have to be entered manually. The second group systems use ciphers that are presented with the help of electronic media (magnetic strip cards, touch memory keys, token devices, proximity cards, etc.). The third group, biometric systems, is principally different in that they examine the person's identity itself: t... [More]

Laser Security Halts Hackers

by Administrator 24. May 2011 19:54
TEL AVIV, Israel, March 25, 2010 – Computer hackers are getting smarter, which not only puts our national security at risk, but also compromises our personal and financial information. Now, a new invention is promising to beat today's hackers – and hackers of the future – using existing fiber optic and computer technology. Transmitting binary lock-and-key information in the form of light pulses, Dr. Jacob Scheuer of Tel Aviv University's School of Electrical Engineering said his device ensures that a shared key code can be unlocked by the sender and receiver – and absolutely nobody else. He will present his new findings to peers at this year's laser... [More]

Mozilla releases Firefox 5 beta with improved performance and added developer support

by Administrator 23. May 2011 18:25
After taking nearly three years to deliver Firefox 4, Mozilla has beta-released Firefox 5 just two months after. The first beta in Mozilla’s new rapid release development cycle, Firefox 5 beta does not feature as many interface and framework changes that Firefox 4 had over Firefox 3.   Trying to stay up-to-date and ahead of the curve, the new strategy will enable Mozilla to deliver frequent stable updates, and bring new features to users faster, like Google does with Chrome. Changes in Firefox 5 beta include: Added support for CSS animations Added support for switching Firefox development channels The Do-Not-Track header preference has been moved to increase discoverabili... [More]

Iomega announces launch of new personal cloud technology with its NAS products

by Administrator 23. May 2011 15:45
Iomega has announced their new Personal Cloud technology, a technology that will use your Iomega NAS (Network Attached Storage) device to backup, protect, and give others access to your files and information on a personal cloud. This is a web-based architecture and will allow for consumers and business professionals to connect and exchange their Iomega NAS with all of the data on it to other individuals or other devices through the Internet. Iomega ensures that this data on your personal cloud can only be manipulated by you or whomever else you give access to. There is no subscription fee associated with this technology (including access by others onto your cloud and the protection f... [More]

99.7 percent of Android devices vulnerable to unencrypted Wi-Fi attack

by Administrator 19. May 2011 15:14
Folks over at Ulm University in Germany have determined that all Android phones running any version below Android 2.3.4 Gingerbread are vulnerable to attacks over unencrypted Wi-Fi networks. And since only the Nexus S, and a few other devices have that update onboard, that pretty much means the entire Android user base (99.7%) is at risk. The German researchers published their findings in a paper entitled "Catching AuthTokens in the Wild: The Insecurity of Google's ClientLogin Protocol." Vulnerability is specific to unencrypted Wi-Fi hot spots, where the team demonstrated an attack that gained access to all items of contacts, calendar events, and private pictures, including those c... [More]

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EU say YES to Intel on McAfee’s dealEU say YES to Intel on McAfee’s deal

by Administrator 17. May 2011 12:58
Intel (INTC.O) is anticipated to win EU approval next week for its $7.68 billion purchase of security expert McAfee Inc (MFE.N) after offering more dispensations to ease competition concerns, two sources with direct knowledge of the subject said on Thursday. World No. 1 chipmaker Intel had already protected permission from the U.S. Federal Trade Commission on December 21 to acquire McAfee, the world’s No. 2 security software maker. Sources mentioned that in recent days Intel had projected more remedies to the European Commission in addition to others presented on January 6 after protest by McAfee’s competitors. “The Commission’s clearance is likely next ... [More]

Google's Blogger outage makes the case against a cloud-only strategy

by Administrator 17. May 2011 12:58
The same week that Google made its strongest pitch ever for putting your entire business online, one of its flagship services has failed spectacularly. Earlier this week, Google rolled out a maintenance release for its Blogger service. Something went terribly wrong, and its Blogger customers have been locked out of their accounts for more than a day. Google’s engineers have been frantically working to restore service ever since, although they haven’t shared any details about the problem. A Blogger Service Disruption update contains four updates from the last 24 hours, starting with this one: We have rolled back the maintenance release from last night and as a result, po... [More]

LinkedIn IPO Is Set for Thursday

by Administrator 17. May 2011 12:51
LinkedIn is set to go public May 19. The business-oriented networking site hopes to raise as much as $274 million this week in what will be one of the first major social media IPOs. LinkedIn will begin trading on the New York Stock Exchange under the symbol LNKD. Its shares are expected to trade in the $32 to $35 range and 7.84 million shares will be available. The company will likely be valued around $3 billion after the IPO. LinkedIn announced its intention to file for an IPO in January. At the time, the company was valued at $2.51 billion based on shares traded on secondary market SharesPost. The eight-year-old company hit the 100 million user mark in March and became profitab... [More]

An Overview of Bing’s Newest Facebook Features

by Administrator 17. May 2011 12:44
In its attempt to beat Google on its home turf, Microsoft has doubled down on Facebook to make its Bing search engine more relevant. The changes are an expansion of last year’s Facebook integration. In the past, Bing delivered modules within search results depicting when your friends liked certain content. It also surfaced Facebook user profiles if you searched a person’s name. Starting tomorrow though, Bing will display a lot more data from the Facebook Like button and from Facebook profiles. Here’s an overview of Bing’s new integration with Facebook: Search result annotations: Bing now displays which search results your friends have liked. This is sho... [More]

Parallels Introduces Parallels Server for Mac 4.0 Mac mini Edition

by Administrator 17. May 2011 12:33
Parallels; virtualization and automation software provider, announced on Wednesday the launch of Parallels Server for Mac 4.0 Mac mini Edition , a new edition of its one-of-a-kind Mac server virtualization solution optimized for Mac minis running Mac OS X server software. According to the company, new server virtualization solution lets businesses run Mac OS X, Microsoft Windows and Linux environments side-by-side on an Apple Mac mini. It is mainly targeted for small businesses that need to consolidate a few servers, the company makes it simple to provide mission critical software on a cost-effective Mac mini. It adds that Parallels Server for Mac 4.0 Mac mini Edition is available... [More]

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