4 Things You Need in a Cloud Computing Infrastructure

by Administrator 29. April 2011 13:34
Cloud computing is, at its core, about delivering applications or services in an on-demand environment. Cloud computing providers will need to support hundreds of thousands of users and applications/services and ensure that they are fast, secure, and available. In order to accomplish this goal, they'll need to build a dynamic, intelligent infrastructure with four core properties in mind: transparency, scalability, monitoring/management, and security.  Transparency One of the premises of Cloud Computing is that services are delivered transparently regardless of the physical implementation within the "cloud". Transparency is one of the foundational concepts of cloud computing,... [More]

Windows 8 user accounts to get roaming options?

by Administrator 28. April 2011 18:23
Windows 8 may be getting the ability for users to roam with their account. A user on the My Digital Life forums noticed that a new Roaming Options category appeared under User Accounts after he linked his Windows account to his Windows Live account. The new options allow you to take six types of customizations with you as you move to a different computer: Personalization (Desktop background image, glass color), Accessibility (Ease of access control panel, magnifier, on screen keyboard, narrator, and speech recognition settings), Language Settings (Language profile, text prediction preferences, and IME dictionary), Application Settings (Application settings and search history), Win... [More]

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Google Chrome 11 bring support for HTML speech input

by Administrator 28. April 2011 14:57
Google Chrome 11 might not have a big list of features to boast of, over the significant update that was Google Chrome 10, but it does bring one very important feature to the web browser. With this latest release Google Chrome now supports speech input through HTML. This may not seem like a big deal to many, however fact is that despite the web being an important innovation in making data available to people all across the world, access to the internet for those with disabilities is still quite limited.They are cut off from a majority of this brilliant innovation in communication. Speech input is a great way to enable people to interact with the web in ways they co... [More]

Difference between Windows and Linux Web Hosting.

by Administrator 25. April 2011 12:11
Linux and windows are two very popular web-hosting servers used by almost all these day. Technically, if we see there is little difference in the performance but they use different technologies and software. When it comes to choose between the two operating systems there are many discussions in the web-hosting world. In order to make the right decision be careful consideration should be taken. When it comes to getting an affordable hosting one can say Linux web hosting India is the best option available whereas windows is costly due to its proprietary nature. Let us discuss this in a little more detail to make it easier for other to understand: The first major difference is th... [More]

Should you Choose Linux Web Hosting or Windows Web Hosting?

by Administrator 25. April 2011 12:04
When you’re looking for a web hosting solution, most people recognize Linux. It’s a reliable source that offers everything from security and functionality to affordability all in one. Linux Servers Advantages If you’re not too familiar with Linux servers they are well known for running over extended periods of time without technical difficulties. You also don’t experience much downtime, which is a monumental benefit. After all, several Microsoft servers have to refresh and reboot their system regularly. You also won’t find any known vulnerabilities in regards to the webhosting security. It’s one of the top priorities of Linux, which allows the... [More]

What is the difference between VPS and shared hosting?

by Sameer 23. April 2011 12:56
A lot of people asks me this question, Thats why today i decided to write something about this. What is Shared Hosting ? Shared Hosting is a type of Web Hosting Service, in which multiple websites and users “share” a server. This is often the affordable cost hosting service available, because the hosting provider is able to spread the expense of the server across a large group of paying customers. Shared hosting is not always well suited for all types of websites, There are certain websites which get high traffic. Usually, those websites which get high traffic are the ones who opt for a VPS or a dedicated server. What is VPS Hosting ? In case of VPS Hosting, one phys... [More]

Upgrading From Linux Hosting To Vps Hosting And Dedicated Server

by Sameer 22. April 2011 19:04
Linux hosting has long been a favourite in the web community for its affordability and versatility. As an open source way of hosting, updates and configurations are always being made at no extra cost to the site owner that enhance function and value. However, when one gets to a certain point, it is important to think about opening up horizons. While there are a number of viable options out there for those ready to make the jump from Linux, virtual private servers or dedicated servers are the two best for the growth minded entity. For starters, a virtual private server (or VPS) offers many of the same great advantages as a dedicated server. While it is still considerably more expensive ... [More]

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Virtual Private Server Hosting Requires No Change Inside Os

by Administrator 22. April 2011 19:01
Increasing organizations offer you virtual private server hosting in addition to digital dedicated server web hosting as an extension with regard to website hosting. Vps is often a marketing and advertising crucial used by Internet hosting services to touch on an online machine performing by simply an individual client from the program. This particular expression is used to focus on the particular non-physical unit which is running within application on a single actual computer system since other clients' virtual equipment. In fact it is proficiently corresponding to another physical computer system and is also contributed towards the specific client's wants. Virtual Private Server... [More]

Server Hosting | More And More Users Choose Cloud Hosting Over Traditional VPS

by Sameer 22. April 2011 18:55
Statistics show that the number of webmasters and web developers who have trusted any Cloud server with the hosting of their websites has risen over the last couple of years. Cloud and virtual private server (VPS) are the two most popular options that companies choose for website hosting with the help of a third party provider. Even though the debate of whether to choose Cloud hosting services or plain VPS has preoccupied many IT specialists for a while now, the results are in and Cloud hosting enthusiasm levels have grown at a faster rate than the rates for traditional virtual private server hosting services. While both methods offer advantages, it seems that Cloud VPS has attra... [More]

Windows Dedicated Server Hosting

by Sameer 22. April 2011 18:51
There are many different things that you can use when it comes to your website; there are many different web hosts that you like to choose from. You have got Linux to use as your operating system or it could be windows. Using windows as your operating system for your dedicated server hosting then you really do have something that is going to work great for your computer. What is great with windows is that if you are only setting up a small website or a small business website then you are going to have something which is perfect for that. Windows will be so easy to use and great for beginners also; it’s that easy to understand and learn to use. Even if you are only using w... [More]

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